DPCfam-UR50 version 1.1

Explore UniRef50 clustering results generated by the DPCfam algorithm!
DPCfam automatically classifies homologous protein regions into putative protein families, called Metaclusters or MCs.
Each MC is a collection of protein sequence regions, called seed sequence regions; these regions are then used as seeds to subsequently build profile-HMMs.

What you can search using this website:

Note: currently only MCs' seed sequence regions and respective protein's annotation is avaiable.
     We are working to make the full UniRef50 avaiable on the website, annotated using profile-hmms.

The complete DPCfam annotation of UniRef50 (v. 2017_07) by profile-hmm is available at the following Zenodo repository in XML format: DOI

In the  Download section of the website you can find also DPCfam MC's MSAs and profile-hmms.



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